We Vista Resorts are always delighted to be at your service; driven by a continuous desire to fulfill your requirements to the best of our abilities, resources and name. Based in the capital of India, our skilled workmanship and fine business ethics have helped us gain an enviable reputation through our 5 years of distinguished operations in the catering business.

Through this web address, we have showcased our specialties before you, to let you have a clear picture of the size and magnitude of functions we can handle with ease and élan. We possess a rich history of catering to a cross-section of clients’ functions both outdoors and indoors.

If fine catering is what you are looking for, you can be assured that you have indeed landed at the most appropriate address here Vista Resorts. A name that’s synonymous with finest catering services in Jalandhar & its surrounding satellite towns.


We Vista Resorts can present you with a range of catering options to ideally fit the nature and size of your function. Whether it is catering for a lavish Wedding, or catering for a birthday party, be it catering for a company’s get-together, or arranging an outdoor catering for a family get-together, the choices and conveniences on catering Vista Resorts are as diverse as the tastes and preferences of our clients.

Just think of any occasion; a wedding, a birthday, a marriage anniversary, a kitty party, a family re-union, a child-birth, an engagement, an office outing, a new office opening, a new job, a job promotion, retirement, golden jubilee celebration, Mata Ki Chowki, Jagrata, we Vista Resorts can handle any of your functions/celebrations in a very special way.

Take a look at our fine selection of cuisines, which offers an extensive range of options to choose for any of your occasions.

• In Indian & Mughlai Cuisine…

We offer Rajasthani/Punjabi/Gujarati/South Indian & Marathi variants. Apart from the main course, we are also known for lip smacking Sweet Dishes like Kulfi, Rabri, Ras Malai, Gulab Jaamun and Jalebis. Our Chatpati Chat & Paani Poori too has a mouth watering flavor which is also a big hit among our guests.

• In foreign Cuisines…

We offer Chinese/Continental/Italian/French & Spanish variants.