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Place where business community meets

Vista Resort is the right choice for making your conferences in a organized manner.

Feel the depth of Wedding Ceremonies

Indian weddings are known for their grandeur and elaborate nature.

Top quality ingredients only in our kitchen

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Enjoy Your Birthday Parties

t’s your child’s special day and you would like to celebrate it in style! Birthday Wrap is a one stop shop for all your birthday party needs.


We believe that even the little things can make difference in a custosmers banqueting experience. We believe to stand for quality service and atmosphere. Wheather your reception isa small intimate family affair or a grand banquet, our quality remains impeccable.


Our personal service isa a priority in making your reception an unforgettable event. Our friendly staff are personally attired and trained to cater to your every need. We will strive to make you and your quests feel welcome and comfertable.


Exquisite Vista resorts benquet hall with flexible event space. * The huge magnificant hall, is the amazing for any event like marriage, anniversary and parties. * Elegant benquet facilities are available at Vista accomodating large gatherings.


  • Marriage Legalities in India

    India is a land of many cultures and religions. So, it is important to remember the various legalities involved in marriages of different religion and community. India being a cosmopolitan country accepts personal laws of its citizen....
  • Sikh Wedding Rituals

    The Sikh wedding is generally held in Gurudwara, amidst the preacher of the religious place, family, friends and relatives. When it comes to a Sikh Indian wedding, the festive ambiance is set a week before the ceremony. The groom's sister and the bride's father play a prominent role during...


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We Vista Resorts are always delighted to be at your service.

We Vista Resorts are always delighted to be at your service; driven by a continuous desire to fulfill your requirements to the best of our abilities, resources and name. Based in the capital of India, our skilled workmanship and fine business ethics have helped us gain an enviable reputation through our 5 years of distinguished operations in the catering business.

We Vista Resorts can present you with a range of catering options to ideally fit the nature and size of your function.

Whether it is catering for a lavish Wedding, or catering for a birthday party, be it catering for a company’s get-together, or arranging an outdoor catering for a family get-together...